We Can Make Your Marketing Streamlined

Our Automated Tech Broadcasts Your Brand For Efficently. Lets Get Our Services Working For Your Small Business

Can Chinobee expand your brand?

Let your customers know you're special

How do you stand out from the rest? Social media has given your customers a voice. They share their experience with the world. If you've created a great experience for your customers, let the town know. How do you stand out in the crowd?

Key Features

  • Bluetooth Technology

    Broadcast to any Android device with bluetooth turned on

  • Battery Powered

    No need to charge your beacon. Battery powered, lasting up to 2 years. 

  • Google Technology

    Backed by Google Nearby Notifications. Manage your campaign anywhere in the world.


How does Chinobee work?

Chinobee uses Google Nearby Notfications to market your company to any Android device within 100 feet. 40% of smartphone users are on the Android platform. No application needs to be installed. The end user needs to have thier bluetooth turned on.

Who manages our beacons?

We take care of programming and setup. You work with our solutions team to co-create a campaign that is best suited for your company. We deliver your setup, and you deploy the beacons where ever you want.

How do I know its working

You will see the click impressions each week. The more beacons, the higher the foot traffic, the more impressions. Its as simple as that.